Stage 3, Adaptive Reuse

Grays School of Art, Aberdeen

The design proposes changes that need to be made to this building to help restore its meaningful value to the north east of Scotland, however, showing respect and consideration to the many exceptional architectural moves demonstrated within the existing fabric.


Within my proposal for the adaptive Reuse of Grays school of Art I have taken great inspiration from the strength of the linear north corridor which i believe is key to the building. Further exploring this I believe with the manipulation of volume and light I would be able to have this corridor act as the main spine throughout the building almost creating a street effect.


Nominated for the Rob Hunter Prize 2017


Created in the 1960’s Grays school of Art stands proudly as one of the few modernist buildings located within Britain, representing the short spread of this major movement within the country. Designed by Michael Shewan, there are a number of distinct modernist intentions inspired from Mies Van Der Rohe’s crown hall. However, as time has developed this building has presented a variety of different issues which have led to unintended alterations within the building that have put a strain on the cultural significance that was proudly demonstrated from this building. 


Continuing with the idea of this street approach i have manipulated my spaces within this diverse building that would be best suited to present themselves to the street creating a shop window effect. My intentions are for everyone in my building to pass along this main axis where you will experience what is going out throughout the whole building and opening up this south wing to the courtyard. To achieve this vibrant and social feel to my street i have restrained from creating many sitting and waiting areas throughout other parts of my building with the intention to create a constant business to the main hub of my building. 

Entrance visualisation
Corridor visualisation
Corridor visualisation
Courtyard visualisation
Facade Anlaysis
Location Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
1 to 50 Section
East Section and Elevation
West Section and Elevation
North Section and Elevation
South Section and Elevation
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