Stage 6, Product Design

Lamp Concept (Vielseitag)

The design of the lamp focusses on a multifunctional product consisting of recycled materials that has been designed for disassembly to add a number of dynamics to the concept.

The lamp functions as a stand alone desk lamp, wall mounted or floor mounted lamp with the unused legs acting as a laptop stand. The aesthetic of the lamp has considered the form to create an elegant product as well as the consideration of the function of each element which can be easily disassembled. 



Vielseitig has been designed from recyclable materials that can be disassembled and re-used with different functions. The design has been created with the intention to be purchased as a series and used in the same environment, but allowing for different dynamics of how the product functions depending on the users desires. The light will be powered by a rechargable USB LED light that does not require a cable to enhance the practicality of the lamp and its function. 


The lamp has been designed for disassembly to add a number of dynamics to the concept. It is intended within the design that it can be assembled and de-assembled extremely easily with no equipment needed.

- The timber leg will slot into the base where it will be held in place

- A magnetic strip will hold the second timber leg in place

- The lamp shade will then hook onto the second timber leg.


The lamp is constructed of fully recycled materials. There are three main elements of the lamp, each with their own individual material.

- Legs / Base  - The legs and the base are constructed from reclaimed timber, which is then treated with varnish to create a smooth finish.

- Lamp Shade - The form of the lamp shade is cast in a recycled concrete mixture with an orange dye added. The outer finish will has a recycled fabric that will is fixed to the outside of the concrete. Contrasting the bright orange finish on the interior.

- Handle - The form of the handle will is from reclaimed timber, there is then a recycled aluminium fixed to this for aesthetic qualities. This is bent around the handle and fixed with small fixings.

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